you know me ?

who do you want me to be?

before you’ve met me you’ve decided,

you dismiss any truths I tell,

and think my judgements are misguided,

as if you know me better than I know myself.

By the time I show you what has always been inside,

you run without so much as farewell.

As if I lied,

As if I changed,

As if I am no longer me.

But maybe you decided to hide,

or maybe you wanted to cry,

or maybe you wanted him,

or her,

or them,

and maybe none of what you wanted involved me anyway.


the dark ones


a faint voice whispers in the distance beaconing the lost souls,

long dark hands reach towards you grasping every part of you they can,

they taint everything they touch,

they hurt everyone they catch,

they’re the dark figures no one speaks of,

the sad ones that everyone suppresses until they have enough,

no one can silence them, no matter how hard they try.

the demons whisper in the distance beaconing for the weak ones,

souls like mine,

that are so frighteningly easy to grasp onto and suffocate.

The Dragon

A sea of rage spills out,

like a facet that wont turn off,

its for my own protection,

to keep the swords from piercing,

i fire back shacking with anger,

some have demons inside,

constantly working to escape,

constantly wanting to awake,

i on the other hand,

I have a dragon.

Once Upon a Friendship


friends jumping in sunset; Shutterstock ID 113416171; PO: The Huffington Post; Job: The Huffington Post; Client: The Huffington Post; Other: The Huffington Post

It’s never easy,
It’s what all the movies stress,
The work behind it.
But a friendship so strong doesn’t waver,
It only makes us braver,
Till the day we stand,
with only those we let in holding our hands.
One day looking back,
One can only hope the people who left aren’t looking back with regret,
Like all dim creatures with lost dreams.

Out There

Let us blast off,
Far into space,
Where the moon hangs over everything,
Where the sun is the center of all warmth,
Let us take a trip,
To escape,
To run,
And to find ourselves.

One Look

Our eyes meet shyly,
Three seconds in between,
Three seconds to proceed,
Your eyes are deep pools of buried emotion,
My eyes are quiet waters experiencing commotion.
Your lips pull up in the corners, smiling softly,
My lips twist watching you come closer, slowly.
And just as you sit down across from me,
I’m positive I will regret looking into your deep pools of emotion that will hold my heart,
And in an instant break it apart.

Dancing through My Mind

The thought of you whirls through my mind,
You’re tapping against my brain,
You’re cooing in my ears,
Your hands hold my heart,
And yet,
We fall apart.
You dance over every inch of me,
You drag your feet against my chest taunting me,
You move your hands hypnotically calling me to you,
Only to rip me apart.

A Short Trip


Take me away,
Even for just a few hours,
To a place filled with darkness,
To where human voices cease,
And the disappointment of everyday life fades.
Soon we will wake and be consumed by our thoughts,
We will rise in the morning,
When the short trip is finished,
And we will realize we live within a never ending cycle of waking and escaping the sadness of an empty life from which no amount of sleep can help us escape.

Unreturned Love

It is heartbreaking,
You look at them, but it’s not you they’re wanting,
You see them smile,
And all you can do is wish to look at that smile for awhile,
They don’t smile for you,
One day maybe neither will you,
An undying, hopeless love,
It’s a crippling fear when the only place you can turn to is above.