Sunny Weather

The sun outside illuminates the crisp blue sky,
While inside the cool air chills our hearts.
The trees outside are lush and green,
While inside all life has been swallowed up leaving dirt where life once was.
The sky outside is blue with white puff balls scattered amongst the drapery,
While inside the dark sky holds no stars to wish upon.
Outside life is living,
Inside all signs of happiness have dried up.


Tell me…

Tell me how it feels,
Watching your world crumble before your eyes.
Tell me how much it hurts,
When you cry yourself to sleep knowing no one is going to hold you.
Tell me how you feel,
While you’re watching them be fine without you.
Tell me how loud you scream,
When the only thing you hear is the drowning silence of brokenness.

The Sun

The sun is a mighty ball of fire shooting off beam of light after beam of light,

to brighten our dark and lonely lives,

from our caves in which our deepest fears and desires hide away,

until one the bursting sun radiates our once depressing lives.